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Q: "Does Brothers Cleaning offer more than basic janitorial service?"

Answer: Yes.  Brothers is a full-service janitorial company.  We have been ever since we started business in 1973.  Our carpet cleaning equipment is "state-of-the-art" truck-mounted, hot water extraction(recommended by most carpet manufacturers) and we would be happy to prepare a Carpet Maintenance Proposal for you.  We also have two Parking Lot Power Sweepers.  We can provide you with a "one-time only" price or a regularly scheduled Parking Lot Maintenance proposal. Whether window cleaning, pressure washing, floor care, re-laming or recycling - we do it all

Q: "Is there such a thing as a janitorial company that cleans but doesn't have any problems?"

Answer: The reality is, there is not a "perfect janitorial company".  Problems will inevitably occur, but the key question is "how well does my janitorial service respond to these problems, and am I able to conveniently communicate these concerns to them"?

At Brothers, our Customer Service Manager, Fred May, is available 9am to 5pm, Monday-Friday, by phone or email.  If you have an "emergency", we have people available to respond, any time day or night.  If it is not an emergency, our staff will attend to the concern that night.

Q: "I have a 25,000 square foot building, can you give me a quote over the phone?"

Answer:  No.  Every building has its peculiarities and every customer wants something different in specific services.  So, it is necessary for someone from Brothers to tour the building and interview the building principal to determine specific services as the basis for an accurate and complete proposal.

Q: "Does Brothers Cleaning run criminal backgrounds checks on all employees?"

Answer:  Yes.  We use a professional criminal background company to check criminal history on all our employees before they are hired.

Q: "There are a lot of illegal workers residing in Lane County, Oregon.  How do I know the people cleaning my building are legal?"

Answer: We made a decision long ago to only hire legal documented employees. Our Human Resource Manager uses the US Homeland Security web program "E-verify" to make sure every person we hire can legally work in the US.  We take the time to make sure the documents presented to us are in fact bona-fide. In addition to verifying our employees right to legally work, we conduct a background check on each and every potential employee before hiring them and placing them at one of our accounts. 


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