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Our Team

President / Founder

Tony Metcalf started Brothers in 1973 and provides the leadership needed to maintain our reputation and goodwill in the community. His role as Sales Manager keeps him busy and he enjoys meeting with customers to ensure they are happy with our services.

Customer Service Manger

Customer Service Manager

Fred May is the “backbone” to customer satisfaction. He is the direct “pipeline” to our customers to ensure they are being heard and their special needs are being met. Fred also takes on double-duty as he works on our computers and network. His creative side produces the monthly NEWSFLUSH and most of the brochures we use at Brothers. Fred has also paved the way for Brothers to be a more sustainable company. Brothers Cleaning Service is a Bring Recycling RE:Think Certified Business.

Fred is a graduate of the Lane Community College's Small Business Management Program and a "Climate Masters at Work" graduate.  He is a member of the GreenLane Small Business Network and serves on their Membership Committee.

Customer Service - Sales

We are excited to have Kendra Flores join our Customer Servi ce Team.  Kendra is a local and brings with her a wealth of experiance working with customers.

Kendra is eager to meet all of our customers and serve them with her very best. Kendra visits customers during day hours and can help you with an estimate for carpet cleaning or additional services at your office or building.

Office Administrator

Office Administrator

Leanne Rofinot joined the Brothers team in 2009. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the accounting field.  We depend on her to pay the bills on time and make sure our employees paychecks are accurate.  Leanne handles all our bookeeping needs and helps keep our electronic time-card system working properly.  She keeps our office running smoothly.


Human Resource ManagerHuman Resource Manager

Debbie Taylor ensures our company has a qualified workforce. She meets with each prospective appplicant and follows up with seeking referrals and a criminal background check. We also verify employment elligibility with the Social Security Administation's on-line tool. This allows Brothers Cleaning Services to provide the best cleaning services available. Debbie manages the entire Human Resource department including Worker’s Compensation, unemployment needs and completes a myriad of government forms.

Operations Manager

For over 20 years, Steve Avery has managed the Team Leaders, Service Associates and the “extra service” crews that work in the many buildings we clean. It is Steve's responsibility to make sure each and every account gets cleaned. Steve is dedicated and committed to providing the best service possible and has a wonderful relationship with his staff.  Steve also schedules the commercial carpet cleaning technicians.

Administrative Assistant (Residential

Administrative Assistant (Residential Carpet Cleaning)

Peggy Dickerson is the key to our Residential Carpet Cleaning department. She answers the phone and insures each customer is given the details they need to receive certified, professional carpet cleaning. Peggy schedules the jobs, maintains the customer mailing list, completes invoicing and keeps things in order.  You can reach her by calling (541) 485-4567.

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant

Tom Sedbrook started with Brothers in the early 80’s. Tom was a carpet cleaning technician before becoming part of the office staff.  He answers the phone and greets anyone visiting our offices.  He also helps maintain our automated time-card call-in system and 100’s of other daily duties to help us get through the day. We would be lost without Tom’s willingness to take on any task needing done when things get hectic!

Team Leaders

Stephen Brown, Gary Miller, Doug Neves, Jeremy Melhert, Scott Hampson and Pam Brown are the supervisors that coach our professional cleaning staff.  They do their best to provide high-quality cleaning services for our customers. They train, inspect, deliver equipment and supplies and provide support to our Service Associates.They are also the ones who get the job done when an emergency arises in the field.

Service TechniciansService Technicians

We have over 20 qualified Service Technicians who provide special services over and above regular janitorial service. These services include carpet cleaning, floor scrubbing, floor re-finishing, high-speed floor buffing, window cleaning, pressure washing and parking lot sweeping.  Our highly trained crew ensure you receive courteous professional service.

Service Associates

Over 100 Service Associates provide daily janitorial service to our customers.  Before being assigned to an account, they must pass a criminal background check and verify they are a legal worker.  Our Service Associates show up at multipal locations each night to ensure your office or building is clean and ready for business the next day.  They are the BACKBONE of our business!



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