Pet Stain Removal and Home Odor Control

Yes…we know you love your fur-babies…but your furniture and carpets don’t so much. Accidents at home are bound to happen, especially for those of us with pets. Often your carpets and other household materials will be the victim of these accidents, and the result can be unsightly spots and home odor problems. At Brothers Cleaning, we provide exceptional pet stain removal and home odor control services to maintain the cozy, comfort of your home. Our cleaning associates are skilled, well-trained, and trustworthy. Learn more about our awesome staff.

Most of the dust, pollen, mold spores and other soils that land on your carpet are removed by regular vacuuming. Unfortunately, even the best, most expensive vacuums cannot remove sticky or oily soils. Cooking, heating, eating, foot traffic, pets, smoking and general spills will create sticky, odor-causing soils and stains, which can be extremely difficult to remove. When these oils get deep into your carpet, or other household materials, it can cause an unwanted odor that sticks around. Our deep, thorough hot water extraction will help remove these sticky soils, and relieve your home from the odor.

More challenging odors caused by dog body oil, urine, meat, milk, fish and blood are treated with enzyme deodorizers. These enzyme solutions contain living organisms, which digest decaying protein. We cannot guarantee complete success in every situation, but we will do our very best!

Keep your fur-babies around, of course – but show your carpets some love, too!

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pet stain removal and odor control

“I had family coming into town, and having five animals, I desperately needed to have the carpets cleaned. The technician, Jeremy, called and asked if he could come early, which was amazing since I had to have the animals out of the house. He was amazing! I had all sorts of pet stains and stains from having roommates and whatnot…although he never guaranteed that he could get out the super heavy soiled areas, he promised that he would do his best. An hour and half later and he was done! It looked great and I couldn’t be happier with the results!”

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